My Story

Betty was born in Lake Charles, LA where she and her family lived on her grandparents farm. Betty, the youngest, was also the most interested in animals and longed to ride. No one in her family had a particular love for horses so there were none on the farm but her grandparents did have dairy cows. So Betty's introduction to riding was on a very special, and cooperative, milk cow. Betty mastered cow riding and by five years of age had moved on to riding with western tack, on a horse. The family moved to Pensacola, FL when Betty was eleven where she soon found a barn with Hunter horses and ponies to ride. This is where Betty learned the basics by doing everything she could to help with the horses both on the farm and the show grounds so that she could ride.

In Pensacola Betty met her husband, Quron, who was in the Navy.  Betty and Quron transferred to Virginia Beach, VA and now have three beautiful children.  Somehow during all this Betty continued to ride adding Eventing and Dressage skills to her resume along with teaching lessons. In 2006, Betty came to work at Fair Winds Farm, a  breeding barn.  The foals had just been weaned. During her first few weeks the barn owner told Betty, who had not worked with foals or young horses, to take a 5 gallon bucket out to the field every day, sit on it and watch the foals. This way she could learn how they interact and how the mares teach them.  Betty thought it might be fun to take pictures of the mares and foals while she sat on her bucket. And they were good! And the more photos Betty took, the better they got.  Everyone who saw Betty's horse pictures were impressed.  Soon folks were asking Betty to take pictures of their horses.  Photography, like riding, has become a passion for Betty.  She loves to do both and loves to improve so she continues to try to learn as much as she can taking all the opportunities as they come her way.

In 2015,  Betty's husband passed away suddenly.  As you can imagine, this was devastating to the entire family.  This changed everything.  For months, Betty struggled to even get out of bed and the kids fell behind in school.  Betty had no other choice but to stop taking photos to take care of her family. 

They went to many seminars, churches, therapist and help groups to learn how to heal after such a tragic loss.  With all the support of wonderful people in their lives, the children and Betty have grown stronger and started the healing process. 

After hard work and dedication, Betty was able to find happiness in taking pictures again.  First, only of her children, family and friends.  Then eventually she decided she was ready to take photos professionally again.  It's been an unbelievable journey, but Betty feels like this has made her even more passionate about photographing memories for her clients.  Betty said that one of the things she was most happy about, were all the photographs she had taken of her late husband.  No matter what happens in life, a photograph is more than just a picture, it's a cherished memory that you will always have to remember and share.  Betty is excited to be part of remembering those special moments in your life...

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